Flushing Bars

flushing bar

Model flushing bar example

A Flushing bar is a piece of equipment that is mounted on mowing machines. These simple devices create noise and vibrations that alert any species that may be near the equipment to get out of the way.

Flushing bars can help reduce mortality of ground-nesting birds like the short-eared owl, Eastern meadowlark and the bobolink, all of which are species at risk in Nova Scotia.

Flushing bars are available to farmers through Ducks Unlimited Canada. To get a flushing bar, you can get in touch with DUC in Amherst, NS at du_amherst@ducks.ca, or toll free at: 1-866-903-8257.

Are you handy with design and build projects? Check out this site where you can get starter plans to build your own flushing bars and contribute to the design of successful prototypes that others can also use.